OVER/AT: A/am/ams

When a met e, tha sgith was blue…”

In conversation since May 2020, ATLAS and OVER /​AT have variously been exploring ways of bringing to life more hopeful futures through art and music making, workshop sessions and community building projects. With OVER /​AT’s work embedded in trans and non-binary music-making futures, and ATLAS exploring the building of Plural Futures’ in different parts of their programme, this gentle collaboration is born out of an interest in making, hosting and performing art otherwise – listening to the place where we are and reflecting on the rules and languages which surround us.

A/​am/​ams takes shape as a performance, and a series of workshops and stories, inviting you to tune into voices and instruments from across the project in different ways.

This includes a new audio piece shared via online from 10 September, an interview with Josie Vallely from 22nd September, a Zoom-game of The Quiet Year (LGBT+ only) on 22 September, and a release of collectively printed visual scores from 27 September.

It also features a new text by Rufus Isabel Elliot, which imagines a new mouthful-of-sand future-language of the North West Highlands, spanning Older Scots and Middle English, presented alongside a new, specially commissioned Gaelic interpretation of the text, by Cass Ezeji shared on 17 September.