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Isabel McLeish

Isabel McLeish is an artist from Lochalsh and her work is inspired by wild places and our innate love for and connection to the natural world. Her practice is informed by personal experiences of immersion in landscapes, the history and language of the Highlands and Islands and the rhythms and cycles intrinsic to the planet. Through her work, she hopes to encourage the viewer to reflect on their own bodily and sensorial response and connection to the living, animate earth.

Isabel graduated with a degree in Contemporary Art Practice from Gray’s School of Art in 2019 and went on to train to be a certified Forest Bathing Guide and Forest Therapy Practitioner.

Isabel will be starting her MA in Art and Social Practice with UHI this September (2020) in order to develop her artistic practice in a rural context with a focus on engaging with local communities.

She is interested in researching and developing salutogenic activities, which arts, as well as nature activities, can offer. Isabel hopes to continue to deliver programmes, activities and interventions which can improve health and wellbeing and for her art practice to have a positive social impact.


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Isabel standing at the foot of the mountains