The Making Publics Press

The Making Public Press book making studio in use – photo credit Jordan Young 2021

The Making Publics Press is a book making studio, which has all the equipment you will need to design, print, bind and trim your own books and publications. If you have a publication idea and want to test and self-publish your own book, all you need to do is book in to a free equipment induction. This takes around 1 hour, and you can then book the space any time 10 – 6pm throughout the week to make your own run of books.

The main purpose of the space is to support the making of small runs of creative book projects, quickly and cheaply – getting books out in to the world and across Skye, Raasay and Lochalsh. It’s a space for conversation and community building. To publish for us means to make new publics and new kinds of social spaces.

We hope to see you here soon!

Making Publics Press Equipment List

  • A Digibind FPB33 Perfect Binder – this is a glue binding machine (we don’t have any other kind of binding equipment currently)

  • Ideal 4700 Paper cutting guillotine

  • Paper creaser (for creasing covers)

  • Xerox WorkCentre 7830 Photocopier / Scanner / Printer

  • A huge assortment of white and cream paper – coated and uncoated in a range of thicknesses (kindly donated by Strath Print)


The space operates on a pay what you can basis – with donations covering the annual maintenance of the machines, printing costs, and free access to the space for the non-waged.

Making Publics Press is open to anyone and works on a non profit basis. We are asking folk to pay what they can to help us cover printing costs (which are charged to us at 0.35p per single side B&W, and 3.5p per single side colour). To give a rough estimate, an A5 50 page book printed colour and double sided with a colour cover would cost ATLAS around £4.

We can provide paper and card for test use during an induction, but for any run of books exceeding 5 copies it would be advisable to bring your own paper if possible. A run of books exceeding 10 copies might also be better suited printed professionally at STRATH Print (opens in a new tab).

If you are able, you can also leave a copy of your book for the ATLAS library.


Email to book a free equipment induction. These take around 1 hour. After this, you can use the equipment on your own during a booked period.

What to bring to the induction

Apart from a face covering, you don’t need to bring anything else to the induction but it's helpful if you already have a rough idea for your book project – then we can help answer questions and even test things out during your induction. Feel free to bring any images or text you’d like to print as an experiment.

At the induction you’ll learn how to use each piece of equipment on your own, so that when your design is ready you can come into the space to print, crease, trim and bind the book.

How to book

Once you have had an induction you can use the space between 10-6pm, Monday-Friday to make your own books. You can use the equipment on your own by emailing to book a slot in advance. Please try to give us at least 10 days notice if you’d like to use the space – we are a small team and may take a few days to get back to you.

Your book should be ready to print before you come along to the space.

To keep the space safe during COVID-19 we are running inductions for 2 separate household groups maximum at any one time (exclusions apply for youth work settings).

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