The Skye Zine Library

Skye Zine Library

The Skye Zine library is a communal zine project that shares zines and mini publications via library boxes placed across Skye and Lochalsh.

The library shares alternative voices, worlds, ideas and perspectives – gathering stories, skills, knowledge and actions of local people, and to pool and map knowledge from around Skye, Lochalsh and elsewhere. The Skye Zine Library aims to distribute information quickly and independently across the island – connecting and mapping the ideas of individuals, collectives and activists in our locale. They also contain books and zines by artists from elsewhere for you to borrow and read.

What is a zine?

Zines are non-commercial, independent publications that can be made by anyone. Often using DIY methods, many zines start by creating a handmade design which is then photocopied and shared with others.

How to contribute to the library:

Share your zine by popping it in one of the zine boxes. Inside the zine library boxes you’ll find paper and other resources for making. Once ready, we will photocopy and reshare the zines across the island – as a communal island library.

We’re currently updating zine libraries, and will share locations soon.