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Patterns of Flora | Haiku Workshop with Ken Cockburn

Photo of Ken Cockburn running a Haiku workshop. It shows Ken and artist Frances Priest seated in a room in Raasay House.
As part of the launch of Patterns of Flora | Mapping Seven Raasay Habitats, poet Ken Cockburn ran a Haiku workshop. Here are some of his poems:

be brackish as salt marsh
let only what will adapt
adopt you

thrive as thrift
living at the edge of things
in modest spendour

be many as aspen
don’t limit yourself
to a single position

be downy as birch
the wind catches
on summer’s forearms


There is a famous haiku by Basho:

Even in Kyoto
I long for Kyoto
when I hear the cuckoo

& I thought the Raasay version might be (thinking of Sorley Maclean’s ’Hallaig’):

Even on Raasay
I long for Raasay –
a wood of birches


white wool snagged
on uncurling fern fronds –
biting wind


half the Red Cuillin
hidden in cloud –
the tangleweed pool


One tree makes a grove

A choir of one



Ken Cockburn
June 2015

Published on 08 June 2015