In the mind, on the ground

An image of bare hands preparing the earth for the planting of a tree – photo credit Jordan Young

Duilich, chan eil seo ri fhaighinn ach sa Bheurla an-dràsta.

A Person is Not an Individual Publication Launch, Friday 4th March

An image of several polaroid photos strewn on the covers of the SoPF publication, with a hand poised over them – photo credit Jordan Young

To mark the launch of the publication, an occasion was held at the Skye Gathering Hall in Portree. This included a screening of Dàn Fianais, an open induction for anyone to personally bind their own copy of A Person is Not an Individual, followed finally by live music and some readings from the book itself.

A Sense of Belonging, Saturday 5th March

An image of four people, outside, kneeling around a chair-in-progress – photo credit Jordan Young

The group worked with Malcolm Mackenzie to learn through making, responding to an archive photo of the St. Kilda parliament. This manifested with a chair making workshop at Talla Bhreacais led by Malcolm, exploring how to work and negotiate together, finishing with a structured discussion led by Emmie.

In the mind, on the ground, Sunday 6th March

An image of the School of Plural Futures overlooking land in Glendale – photo credit Jordan Young

A site visit to the Glendale commons led by Sandy Macphee, Grace Wright, Katharine Barrington and with James Oliver (in spirit) where conversation revolved around the prompts: what is the land?’ and what is the commons?’. The day included tree planting, and exploration of the land by way of its history and ecology.