Support ATLAS

ATLAS Arts events and programmes are free at the point of access.

We are a non-profit making organisation and a registered Scottish charity. We are currently supported by Creative Scotland as a Regularly Funded Organisation 2018 – 2022.

How to support us

ATLAS organises big cultural events and smaller, quieter projects within our local community. Learning, and the sharing of skills and resources is at the heart of our work. If you’d like to support ATLAS’ work, you can:

Send us a donation ↗ Buy an Artist Edition

Our priorities for fundraising are to ensure fair work for artists and freelancers, and locally driven global arts projects. If you are interested in making a larger donation, these are some of the ways you could support us:

  1. Sponsor a Publication Making workshop on the Making Publics Press for £200-£500
    Your support will allow us to print, bind and distribute 20 – 50 copies of a new independent publication – working with a local group.

  2. Sponsor an artist or research residency £1500-£5000
    Support an artist, maker or researcher to work with us on Skye to develop a new project with local residents. This could be research into rural economies, the tidal zone, climate justice, local heritage and language – allowing us to start imaginative conversations for the future.

  3. Fund a new artist edition for £1500-£5000
    Your support will allow us to create a paid opportunity for one artist and one fabricator. The resulting profit from editions sales will be split to support a cultural organisation of the artist’s choice, with the remainder funding another ATLAS artist edition.

  4. Support The School of Plural Futures from £4000
    A youth led school exploring social justice on Skye and Lochalsh. Your support will allow us to pay a fair fee for an artist to lead the school for 1 – 6 months, and for young people on Skye to share what they want from their future.

To discuss any of this further, please contact the ATLAS Director, Ainslie Roddick