Aquaculture Cradle / Creathal Dualchas Uisgeach

Screenprint by Isabel McLeish, signed edition of 35

Fabriano 220gsm paper, 35 x 50cm

Aquaculture Cradle / Creathal Dualchas Uisgeach (2022) by Isabel McLeish is the first in a new series of ATLAS editions supporting artists’ work and social change. The sale of each edition generates income that we share between an organisation or group of the commissioned artist’s choice and the production of the next commission.

*See below for an explanation of the payment options and how to add a pass-it-on donation*

Aquaculture Cradle / Creathal Dualchas Uisgeach celebrates the interconnected nature of the relationships between people, place and ecology. It aims to stimulate discussion about the impact that industrial fishing processes have on local biodiversity and food security and explore how we relate to other species. Isabel hopes to encourage action in developing regenerative and respectful methods of food production and connection to place and ecology. The print is inspired Multispecies Cat’s Cradle by Nasser Mufti (2011) in Donna Haraway’s Staying with the Trouble (2016). You can find out more about Isabel’s work here.

Through the sale of this edition, Isabel has chosen to support South Skye Seas initiative and their work with Carbost Primary developing an Ocean School: an outdoor classroom based on the shore to explore, investigate, protect and enjoy the seas and coastline around Carbost and Skye.

South Skye Seas initiative (SSSi) is a small volunteer group who are passionate about marine conservation and are founder members of the Coastal Communities Network. Current projects include underwater surveys using the Blue2 ROV through which they have recently discovered twenty previously unrecorded seagrass beds around the south Skye sea lochs. SSSi previously supported Struan Primary Ocean School in their marine studies.


Our new series of editions have a three-tiered payment scheme: a full price that includes a pass-it-on donation, a full price, and a subsidised price.

The pass-it-on donation supports a subsidised price to help make art more affordable to own. Subsidised prints are limited and reserved for people who are unwaged or on low income and cannot afford the full price.

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