Patterns of Flora: Frances Priest

Patterns of Flora by Frances Priest

As part of Patterns of Flora, Frances Priest created a series of handmade parian vases featuring seven different botanical designs, each based on a distinct habitat found on the Island of Raasay. With the help of expert botanist, Stephen Bungard, Priest explored these habitats and identified indigenous plants to include in each habitat: bog, coast, freshwater loch, limestone, moor, mountain and woodland.

The parian vases were produced as a limited edition of 150, each signed and numbered by the artist. The vases are now sold out.

Alongside the vases, Priest produced an editioned colouring book of her original drawings. They feature coloured stitching and a perforated edge so the pages can be removed and framed, if desired. The colouring book is in a limited edition of 300, with each signed and numbered by the artist.