Walk to Garafad Dyke with Henry Castle and Tom Smith (Lateral North)

7 March 2018, 15:00

Free to attend

Photograph by Henry Castle, 2017.

Join artists Henry Castle and Tom Smith (of Lateral North) on a walk to Garafad Dyke, Staffin.

Garafad Dyke is significant in the story of the crofters’ land struggle in the Staffin area. The wall was built for Captain William Fraser (the landlord at the time) to separate the common grazing from the Garafad crofts. This was an act of contention as it meant the crofters’ livestock could no longer access fresh drinking water from the Kilmartin River. As a mark of defiance in 1884, 60 yards of the wall was destroyed by the crofters to allow 88 cattle to graze.

The walk will be led by Angus Murray, Programme Manager Ceumannan (Skye Ecomuseum) along with Henry and Tom who have looked into the history and significance of the wall. Dugald Ross, of Staffin Dinosaur Museum, will also join the walk.

Please wear sturdy footwear and dress appropriately. To book your place please either email or phone using the details listed above.