The School of Plural Futures May 2020 at North Talisker
The School of Plural Futures, 2020, North Talisker Hill

There’s still time join!

Get in touch as soon as you can to let us know you’re interested in joining The School of Plural Futures 2023/​24, an alternative school led by local folk under 30. A space to socialise, learn together, and build a community to talk about what is happening locally and globally.

Walks, talks with local people, film screenings, discussions and more. In collaboration with artist Emmie McLuskey, the school is shaped by everyone involved.

15 day-long sessions from October 2023 – June 2024 with a daily stipend of £25 for everyone joining.

Read on for more information and how to get involved.

How to get involved

Let us know you're interest in joining the school by sending us a note of interest.

This can be sent by email to or as a message, voicenote, on facebook, instagram, or directly to an ATLAS team member you speak to. Let us know if there are ways we can make it easier for you to apply.

In your note of interest, please answer the following questions:

  • Do you think you will be able to join most of the sessions from October 2023 - June 2024? (please read the Frequently Asked Questions tab for more info)
  • Tell us a little bit about yourself! Where do you live? How do you like to spend your free time? Why would you like to join School of Plural Futures?
  • How did you hear about the School of Plural Futures?

We'll confirm your place by the 15 September, or after if you applied later on.

Frequently Asked Questions

1. What is the time commitment?

We will come together for 15 days (including 3 online), between October 2023 and June 2024. The schedule will be confirmed with the availability of the group, but we are looking for people to commit to coming along to as many sessions as possible. See the draft timeline below:

  • October school (online 1 day)
  • November/ December school (in person, over 2 days)
  • Late January (in person, over 2 days)
  • February school (online, 1 day)
  • Early March (in person, over 2 days)
  • Late March (1 online session)
  • Late April (in person, over 2 days)
  • Late May/ Early June (in person, over 2 days)

2. How old do you have to be?

The school is open to anyone living in Skye, Raasay and Lochalsh who is 16 and over, and under 30 years old.

3. Do I have to have studied art?

No, you don't have to have studied, or have an interest in art to join the school. The school is designed by everyone who joins, and so the programme and activities will reflect the interests of everyone in the group.

4. I don't live in Skye, Raasay or Lochalsh, can I still join?

The school is for people living in the local area to speak about things that matter most to them, so is not open to people living elsewhere. Throughout the school programme, we do invite folk to join us for relevant sessions, if you think this could be you, get in touch with the ATLAS team. There will be other times throughout the year where we will have more publics gatherings so keep an eye on the ATLAS events page.

5. I have access needs for submitting a note of interest/ participating in the school, can you help?

Yes, we understand people have different access needs, we will do our best to make it as easy for people to apply and take part. Get in touch with if there are ways we can make this easier.

6. What do you mean by 'alternative school'?

By 'alternative school' we mean a space to gather and learn together. There is no fixed curriculum, we recognise that everyone has something valuable to bring, and we share and learn collectively. Sometimes we'll invite people to join us who have particular knowledge or expertise we would like to learn from. There is no exam or qualification at the end, and the programme and direction of the school is decided by the group. Have a look at the 2020 School of Plural Futures for an idea of it might look like.

Access and Travel

We will do our best to make the programme as accessible as possible for everyone taking part. If you have particular access requirements, and would like to discuss them in advance, send an email to

The school will take place in different locations across Skye, Raasay and Lochalsh. Don't worry if you don't drive, we will help arrange travel with car shares/ lifts and minibuses when needed.