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CÒIG SGIATHAN | FIVE WINGS // With Helen Robertson – A Youth Walk at the Plock of Kyle

featured image larking about on the rocks at the Plock of Kyle


Thursday 12th October – Around the Plock of Kyle with High Life Highland Youth Development Service: October activities programme

We spent a great day at the Ploc of Kyle with eight youths from Skye. Quite a lively group, I began by showing them examples I had done in a wee booklet, using feathers and sticks to draw with and also printing using shells, leaves etc and they all listened attentively.


I asked the group to look out for things with interesting shapes or textures.

walking through the woodland pats to the beach


After a walk through the woodland, we stopped at the shore and the youths found different shells, seaweeds, bits of broken sea glass and bark.

On the shore finding a spot for our lunch


They then had fun doing some printing with these found objects with lovely results. Some also tried drawing with feathers and ink, which they preferred to using pens and pencils.

A youngster draws with twigs on the rocks at the beach
Youngsters printing with shells, leaves and bark


We saw seals and some otters in the bay while we had lunch.

Standing on the rocks looking out at otters and seals playing in the distance


Back in the Kyle hall, after a few games some of the group tried a bit more printing, enjoying the instant result from brushing the object with ink, covering it with paper, pressing onto the paper so that it picks up the texture of the object, then lifting the paper off to reveal the image.

Doing some printing and drawing back in the hall
Some of the prints and drawings back in the hall


This did have the group engaged and I think they were all pleased with what they produced.

a youngster draws with a big chunk f burnt wood



Tha Seo Math Dhuibh – Good for you

A  partnership project with Aros Centre, Portree


Published on 06 December 2017