Windblown Grass Silk Scarf

This limited edition silk scarf has been designed by Caroline Dear and reflects her long-held interest in the plant life of the Isle of Skye. Dear was inspired by Britain's only deciduous grass, known as purple moor-grass, Molinia caerulea in Latin and Fianach in Gaelic. Dear was drawn to it because it sheds its leaves naturally and these are then scattered by the wind, creating patterns and natural shapes of the pale grass lying on the heather in winter.

The scarves were designed and manufactured in Scotland. They were digitally printed on 630mm square, silk twill 60gsm by Edinburgh-based BeFab Be Creative a digital fabric printing studio committed to providing a short run reactive textile print service on natural fabrics, and hemmed by textiles micro-manufacturing agency Kalopsia Collective, also based in the capital.

This is a limited edition of 20 with each scarf coming in a special box with an information card, numbered and signed by the artist.

More about the artist:

Caroline Dear studied Botany in Dublin before qualifying as an architect. She then worked as an architect and landscape architect in Dublin, Utrecht, Oslo, London and Paris before moving to the Isle of Skye to work in 1986. Her practice explores our changing relationship with the natural world, examining the link between our inner selves and the outer physical landscape. In 2013 Dear received a Certificate in Field Botany from the Royal Botanic Gardens, Edinburgh. She has had numerous residencies and exhibitions across the globe, including Finland, Norway and Canada.