Dualachas Chroitearachd Cairt-Chluiche | Cultural Crofting Playing Cards

Dualachas Chroitearachd Cairt-Chluiche | Cultural Crofting is the development of a project that began in 2014 when ATLAS worked with Craigard Day Centre in North Uist and artist Sharon Quigley on a project called Life on the Land to explore the unique heritage and culture of crofting. Part of the output was a unique set of Gaelic crofting flashcards that reflected both the skills of the group and those of the wider crofting community, characterising through symbols, texture and pattern the interconnectivity of crofting, our culture and landscape.

In 2016 ATLAS commissioned Sharon Quigley and graphic designer, Andy Fielding to develop these into a pack of playing cards that will function as a fun, Gaelic educational tool and also to increase awareness of crofting.

We have distributed packs free of charge to Gaelic primary schools across Scotland.

The pack contains 60 cards in total:

Four sets of thirteen cards each
Blue: Landscape and Landmarks
Pink: Myths, Legends and Music
Green: Animals and Plants
Gold: Machines and Objects

There are two wild cards:
The Unknown

There are three games outlined but we encourage to make up your own as well!

This project has been supported by Bòrd na Gàidhlig.