Windblown Grass Silk Scarf | Caroline Dear

As part of ATLAS Editions, Caroline Dear was commissioned to create a limited edition artwork that reflects her long-held interest in the plant life of the Isle of Skye. Dear was inspired by Britain’s only deciduous grass, known as purple moor-grass, Molinia caerulea in Latin and Fianach in Gaelic. Dear was drawn to it because it sheds its leaves naturally and these are then scattered by the wind, creating patterns and natural shapes of the pale grass lying on the heather in winter. She has researched its historical significance in Skye:

“Fianach was traditionally used for rope making, due to it being strong and rot-resistant. John Lightfoot, in 1777, records that ‘ … fishermen from the Isle of Skye make ropes for their nets of this grass, which they find by experience will bear the water well without rotting’.”

The scarves are in an edition of 20 and come with an information card, numbered and signed by the artist.

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