Patterns of Flora // Mapping Seven Raasay Habitats | Frances Priest

06 June 2015

Patterns of Flora | Mapping Seven Raasay Habitats is an ATLAS Arts commission by Frances Priest in collaboration with botanist Stephen Bungard. Celebrating the diverse plant life of the Island of Raasay, Frances created a bespoke collection of ceramic artworks that are permanently sited within Raasay House, which the public is welcome to view and enjoy.

Priest was commissioned to draw inspiration from Raasay’s varied plant life that she explored with botanist Stephen Bungard, and create a series of decorative ceramic works. She focused on  seven different habitats; bog, coast, fresh water, limestone, moor, mountains and woodland and created designs to reflect each.

To encourage exploration of these landscapes, the artist created a unique map of the habitats. This offers an imaginative survey of the botanical walks.

To accompany the project, two new ATLAS Editions were made; a signed series of handmade parian vases featuring the artist’s seven botanical designs and an editioned colouring book of the original drawings.

You are welcome to visit Raasay House to view Priest’s artworks and explore Raasay with the Patterns of Flora map. There are regular Calmac sailings from Sconser in the Isle of Skye.


Images: (1 & 3) Shannon Tofts and (2) Ruth Clark