Stories about mythical creatures

The creatures of Celtic Mythology are very fluid in nature. Depending on when and where you are, Brownies, Gruagachs and Ùruisgs vary from being small creatures who live by the fire, helping with household tasks – to giant hairy creatures who like to fling clods of earth at passers-by. Descriptions are often interchangeable between these various fairy beings. So you’re never quite sure which hairy, half-goat creature you’re dealing with. For these Culturing Crofting cards, we have therefore had to be selective in the descriptions we have chosen.

For example:

Ghost Car playing card showing a silhouette of a 1934 Austin with no one driving

Ghost car

It isn’t just the ghosts of people you have to worry about. If you’re driving between Portree and Sligachan in the dark, keep your eyes peeled for a mysterious phantom car which is said to haunt the road.

As far back as the 1950s reports were coming in of mysterious headlights which would come racing out of the darkness towards oncoming cars, then disappear without a trace. The car, believed to be a 1934 Austin, has been spotted numerous times over the years. One local policeman who saw the racing lights tried to give chase, only for the car to vanish into thin air.

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