Translations and ideas for games to play

To download transcribed English translations of the games and cards please click here and for Gàidhlig click here.

The Sets

Blue: Landscape and Landmarks
Pink: Myths, Legends and Music
Green: Animals and Plants
Gold: Machines and Objects

There are also two wild cards:
The Unknown

Learn about crofting, Gaelic culture and play games!

My Ship Sails

Shuffle the cards and deal seven cards to each player.
Pick up the cards and organise them by suit.
Choose a suit to collect (you can change your mind any time).
Take a card you don’t want and pass it face down to the player on your left.
Pick up the card passed to you by the player on your right.
Keep going and try to get a hand of all the same suit.
The first to collect seven cards of the same suit shouts ‘My Ship Sails!’ and wins the game.


20 Questions

Choose a card. Don’t let the other players see!
Tell the other players if your card is animal, vegetable, or mineral.
The other players take turns at asking you twenty yes or no questions.
Let the players guess what or who you are.
Whoever guesses first wins and gets to choose the next mystery card.

Tell a Story

Put the pack of cards face down in the middle.
The first player turns over the top card and makes up a sentence using the word on the card.
The next player turns over a card and continues the story using the word on the card.
Keep going as long as you can.