Art Night x ATLAS Arts co-commission with Isabel Lewis

16 – 19 June 2021

Across venues in Skye and London, Isabel Lewis will stage a “hosted occasion” bringing together performance, music, storytelling, and conversation with special guests. Lewis will draw from her research into landscapes in Skye and London to weave a circuitous narrative about interspecies bonds and the potential of mutually beneficial relationships in situations of difference in close proximity.

In this Art Night co-commission with ATLAS Arts in Skye, Lewis poses the question, “What can we learn about love from lichen?” as a point of departure. Building from research and conversations with locally based collaborators, Lewis is choreographing a series of guided walks tuning the ears, eyes and body to more sensuous forms of knowing. With sound, song, touch and taste the work will weave a circuitous narrative over four days, reflecting on our own bodies and different ways of being together. The walks will be hosted in Skye from 16th June, and brought together in a ‘hosted occasion’ on the 19th, with performance, food, music, storytelling and conversation with collaborators from the Isle of Skye.


Isabel Lewis (Berlin, born 1981 Dominican Republic) Trained in literary criticism, dance, and philosophy, Isabel Lewis’ work takes on many different formats: from lecture-performances and workshops to listening sessions, parties (Bodysnatch), gardens, and what she calls “hosted occasions.” She has created works around open source technology and dance improvisation, social dances as cultural storage systems, collaborative choreographic formats, future bodily techniques, and rapping as embodied speech acts. Her live art works have been presented contexts of contemporary art, music, dance, and theater by Kunsthalle Zürich (2020), Sharjah Biennial (2019), Roskilde Festival (2019), Berliner Festspiele-Gropius Bau (2018), Tate Modern (2017), Steirischer Herbst (2017), Ming Contemporary Art Museum Shanghai (2016), and Tanz Im August (2015) among others

This project is curated by Art Night Artistic director Helen Nisbet, working with Skye-based Creative Producer Shona Cameron. Commissioned by Art Night and ATLAS Arts, with support from Goethe-Institut.

Originally due to take place in Skye and London in June 2020, ATLAS Arts’ co-commission with Art Night has been postponed until 2021.  We’ll continue to share updates from Isabel’s project with Art Night, throughout the year.

Art Night’s full programme announcement can be viewed on their website.

About Art Night

Art Night is London’s all-night free contemporary art festival. Each year, Art Night invites a leading cultural institution or curator to explore the history, culture and architecture of a different part of London, inspiring a series of new commissions, one off events and premieres by international and local artists from all stages of their careers.

Curated by Helen Nisbet, Art Night will soon celebrate five editions. Transforming iconic and unexpected public spaces within the city, the festival will return to the site of the first edition to celebrate its five-year anniversary: The Strand on the North Bank of the Thames.

Titled Nothing Compares 2U, after the song penned by Prince and most famously performed by Sinead O’ Connor, the programme for Art Night 2020 takes inspiration from defiance in small acts and moments of self-determination, in everyday life, politics, music and literature.