Studio Somewhere Residency

Molly Danter wearing a blanket made of moss

We’re excited to have partnered with Take Me Somewhere to offer a supported residency to Molly Scott Danter.

Over 2022, Take Me Somewhere have filled their Studio Somewhere with a series of supported residencies for Scotland-based artists. These residencies are opportunities for artists working in experimental performance to put an idea in motion or explore a new collaboration, in order to put artists in a stronger position to further develop their projects.

Molly Scott Danter is a dancer and maker from the Isle of Skye, Scotland. Molly has been an artist in residence at ATLAS Arts and SEALL Performing Arts and at The Barn Arts, as part of their Phosphorescence’ festival curated by Lucy Cash and Luke Pell. As a dancer, Molly has worked with various companies and independent choreographers such as Scottish Dance Theatre, Scottish Opera, Barrowland Ballet and Rob Heaslip. Molly is also a member Collective Endeavours, a music and dance performance improvisation ensemble.

During the Take Me Somewhere residency, I will be continuing a research around my interest in the ecological contribution and structural make-up of mosses. I began this project whilst in residence at The Barn Arts where I performed a short experimental work using a mat woven of moss by Isle of Skye-based artist, Caroline Dear. Since this residency, I have been creating Moss Scores’, with support from The Workroom. Working with the these scores as my base, I will continue the exploration as I ask what might there be to gain on different social, cultural and political levels by abstracting the natural structures and processes of moss (with particular focus on how they behave and relate to other species) and experiencing them with the body as I bring my focus to performance. An important inspiration thus far has been Robin Wall-Kimmerer’s book, Gathering Moss, which continues to influence on the work.”

This residency is funded by Take Me Somewhere.