SCREEN-IT Season 2 #6

11 May 2016, 18:30

Free to attend

Theme: Living on the outside

We are delighted to be showing Two Years At Sea (2011) by critically acclaimed filmmaker Ben Rivers
(b.1972). Rivers with this film was awarded the prestigious FIPRESCI International Critics Prize at the 68th Venice Film Festival in 2011 and . In 2005, Ben Rivers met Jake, a man who lives in the woods of the Cairngorms and conducts his live outside of society, six years later he returned to make Two Years At Sea.

About the film
A man called Jake lives in the middle of the forest. He goes for walks in whatever the weather, and takes naps in the misty fields and woods. He builds a raft to spend time sitting in a loch. Drives a beat-up jeep to pick up wood supplies. He is seen in all seasons, surviving frugally, passing the time with strange projects, living the radical dream he had as a younger man, a dream he spent two years working at sea to realise.

He let me into his world, let me hang around and stay there for as long as I wanted. I started to film things, so the first film was really fragmentary and based on what I saw. I didn’t ask Jake to do anything, just go about his business, and I filmed what I thought was worth filming.’
Ben Rivers, interview with The White Review

Film Review
Two Years at Sea, Ben Rivers, 88 mins (U), Independent, Jonathan Romney, May 2012

After the screening, there will be an opportunity to have an informal discussion on the films’ themes over a glass of wine or beer and some of our delicious nibbles.