Red Lines: Evan Roth

Image: Red Lines, Evan Roth (2018). An Artangel commission. Photograph Matthew Andrews.

Red Lines is a pioneering new project by Evan Roth which involves a network of mesmerising video landscapes streamed free to your home or workplace. This work is Evan Roth’s Red Lines’ (2018), an Artangel Commission and part of the 2017 Artangel Everywhere open call for proposals to produce a major project that can be experienced anywhere in the world.

Red Lines is a network containing infrared videos of coastal landscapes that can be streamed to a smartphone, tablet, or computer by anyone, anywhere.

Roth has travelled to coastal sites around the world where the cables that make the internet possible emerge from the sea. Filmed in infrared, the same spectrum in which data is transmitted online, the videos reveal another side of the internet, one that moves at the speed of weather, wind, and tide.

On first glance, it seems as if nothing is going on, but you should be able to notice subtle changes in light as clouds pass in front of the sun, animals, people, aeroplanes and boats moving in and out of frame, and changes in the wind and wave patterns.”
— Evan Roth

Red Lines is currently comprised of 53 individual network located videos, filmed in eight countries on six continents, with durations between three minutes 26 seconds and 19 minutes 48 seconds, totalling over 12 hours. All but one depicts a landscape where the cables that form our intercontinental connections emerge from the sea.

ATLAS Arts has partnered with Artangel to bring this project to Skye, installing the Red Lines in the ATLAS office, which overlooks the harbour in Portree. Feel free to pop into the office to experience the work or for help installing it on your own device.

To join the network, all you need is a device like a smartphone, tablet or laptop, and an internet connection. Devices should ideally be plugged into power and connected to an internet connection with no data limits (check with your service provider) with the browser set to Find out more