Mapping Below the Waterline

7 May 2022, 11:00  — 13:30

Talla Bhreacais, A87, Breakish, Isle of Skye, IV42 8PY

Free to attend

Mapping women’s economy with Ailie Rutherford
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As part of ATLAS’s interest in exploring alternative economies, we are hosting a morning workshop with artist Ailie Rutherford inviting people to help us map different forms of local economies and exchanges.

Ailie Rutherford has been working on Mapping Below the Waterline [1] for the past six years. These workshops form part of a bigger project that looks at how ideas of feminist economics relate to our daily lives and how we might restructure the ways we live and work together to build a fairer and more just society.

Using a set of print block stamps co-designed with women in Govanhill, Glasgow, the workshops invite participants to chart and visualise the systems of exchange and interactions that impact their lives. Beginning by asking what works well, then moving into mapping how we might want to collectively reshape some of these systems. What shape will a fairer system take?

Refreshments and lunch provided.

To help us prepare for numbers, please let us know if you wish to join by sending an email to Please also let us know of any dietary requirements or allergies.

[1] Mapping Below the Waterline uses JK Gibson-Graham’s metaphor of the Economy As An Iceberg” as a way to visualise the diverse, multiple economies that make up our world: https://​www​.communityeconomies​.org/​r​e​s​o​u​r​c​e​s​/​d​i​v​e​r​s​e​-​e​c​o​n​o​m​i​e​s​-​i​c​eberg

Ailie Rutherford is a visual artist working at the intersection of community activism and creative practice. Her collaborative artworks bring people together in conversations about our social and economic landscape using print, performance, sci-fi visioning, games and technology as playful means to work through difficult questions and radically re-think our shared futures. Resulting works range from proposed new models for living and working together to the building of new infrastructure.

Her feminist economic artworks have been shown at Unbox festival, (Bengaluru, India) MoneyLab at Institute of Network Cultures (Amsterdam, Netherlands), Supermarkt (Berlin, Germany), Tracing The Tracks/​/​Work Affair at Rum 46 (Aarhus, Denmark) White Papers on Dissent for Dutch Design Week at Van Abbemuseum (Eindhoven, Netherlands) and will be shown in the Lumbung space at Documenta 15 (Kassel, Germany). She recently curated the Wired Women festival for NEoN Digital Arts (Dundee, Scotland) and is artistic director of the Feminist Exchange Network (Glasgow, Scotland). https://​ailierutherford​.com/