In-conversation: Hanna Tuulikki and Dr. Angela Mcclanahan

As part of the NEO NEO Extreme Past’ public engagement programme, artist Hanna Tuulikki and anthropologist Dr. Angela McClanahan discussed Tuulikki’s work Women of the Hill’ as presented in the exhibition.

Tuulikki’s work uses a range of visual and sound-based forms, working primarily with the voice to compose worlds out of sounds. Tuulikki builds immersive, ethereal spaces that attempt to unearth an essential relationship with the lore of places. Working predominantly in a site-specific capacity, Tuulikki creates performances, incorporating sculptural objects and staging as props, whilst also utilising drawings, texts and visual-scores to extend her work.

Dr. McClanahan is interested in ideas about the material culture of the recent and deep past, and the relationships to presents/​futures these encapsulate. Dr. McClanahan’s research assesses the relationship of materiality within modern magical practices and anarchism, addressing the ethics surrounding contemporary art and ethnography in this way.

The conversation between Tuulikki and Dr. McClanahan will traverse the research interests of the artist, from achae oacoustics to neo-paganism: shedding new insight and perspectives on the film-work Women of the Hill, in the context of NEO NEO Extreme Past’.