Natsumi Sakamoto: Lunch and Waulking Songs

13 April 2023, 12:00

ATLAS Office, Portree, IV51 9BZ

Free to attend

Installation view at 16 Nicholson Street, Glasgow, 2021. Photo by Bart Urbanski

Join us for lunch at ATLAS Arts, as part of artist Natsumi Sakamoto’s (page opens in a new tab) self-directed research trip, as she researches waulking songs for a new film project. Along with Sarah McWhinney, Natsumi is gathering stories related to waulking songs, and they invite you to share the songs and stories you know over lunch, with specially invited guests.

The questions they are exploring include, why waulking was a woman’s role, and how singing functioned as a form of communication. They would love to hear your ideas and thoughts. All welcome, come along to hear more about Natsumi’s work and the project at large.

Please get in touch with if you have any food allergies/​dietary requirements of if we can make it easier for you to attend.

Natsumi Sakamoto Bio

Natsumi Sakamoto (b. Tokyo, Japan) is an artist based in Glasgow. Her film and mixed media work uses oral traditions as a starting point to examine hidden historical memories through a feminist lens. It explores the politics of women's work and gender roles embedded in intangible legacies such as superstitions,
songs and everyday rituals passed down through inter-generational memory. She is also a member of the feminist-focused transnational artist collective Back and Forth Collective.