Lunchtime Talk with Natsumi Sakamoto

9 March 2021, 13:00

Free to attend

This new lunchtime series of talks brings together a range of artists and speakers reflecting on the history, heritage and reality of life in the Highlands and Islands. These informal get-togethers are open to anyone – sit back and listen or get involved as we talk more about artist practice on Skye and the complexity and brilliance of rural life.

Join us on Tuesday 9th of March at 1pm for this informal lunchtime event as Natsumi will discuss her recent project about the shared heritage of Rowan trees, elements of Highland folklore and her wider practice.

Natsumi Sakamoto (b.1986, Tokyo, Japan) is an artist based in Glasgow who creates multi-media installations that include film, drawing and animation. Her work explores memory, oral tradition and narrative to regenerate forgotten history and customs, in order to view them from a contemporary perspective. Her work has been exhibited internationally. She is also a member of the trans-national, feminism-focused artist collective called Back and Forth Collective.

Natsumi will share her recent practice since 2019 including Rowan Wards off Witches”, in which she explored the folklore and superstition about rowan trees in Scotland. The rowan tree (sorbus), native to Scotland and Japan, features in the folklore of both countries and also appeared in a memory shared by her grandmother. She will present her research, part of her film, and examine where and how oral tradition remains today.

In the event, she will also talk about her on-going project about female work songs in the textile industry in Scotland. She will introduce her research inspired by waulking songs and collaborative practice using online platforms under lockdown.

Natsumi is also interested in hearing more from local stories concerning folklore, mythology, oral traditions, waulking songs, and so eagerly invites the audience for their contribution on these and anything else they can think of!

This event will have live captions, if we can make it easier for you to attend this event or help with access in any other way please get in touch with in advance of the talk.