Travelling Dialogues Curated Weekend

To coincide with our GENERATION project Are you LOCATIONALIZED, Travelling Dialogues is a curated weekend of speakers and performance. Taking place across the two project sites, the islands of Skye and North Uist, it will provide an opportunity to open up the discourse around the works created by Joanne Tatham and Tom O’Sullivan. A participatory experience that will offer a programme of events throughout the weekend, Travelling Dialogues aspires to offer a unique, unusual and rewarding interaction with the artworks – as participants will be encouraged to embrace the location, the artwork and the themes of the weekend.

Travelling between Tatham and O’Sullivan artworks, spanning two Hebridean islands, will be an integral aspect of the event, with movements interspersed with performances, talks and moments for convivial exchange. Participants are invited to join perambulatory bus tours of Skye and Uist with contributions from guest speakers revealing aspects of the psychogeography of the passing landscape. Throughout the event, participants will be encouraged to engage in critical conversations with each other, the guest contributors and the artists themselves.

Accounts of the weekend

  1. Travelling Dialogues

    Frances Davis works with time(s) and place(s), and with voice(s), across writing, moving image and performance, and event and exhibition production. Her practice is research-led and her work is increasingly made manifest through collaborative working relationships and curatorial processes. he currently lives and works between Glasgow and Helmsdale, where she is Curatorial Assistant at Timespan, a cultural organisation in Scotland’s Far North.

  2. Travelling Dialogues

    A walk led by Niki Russell, an artist, curator and writer. He co-founded and is now the Programme Curator at Primary – an artist-led space in Nottingham that is dedicated to supporting creative research through studios, residencies and commissions. Russell has also worked extensively with Radar at Loughborough University, in a curatorial capacity commissioning new temporary public art projects in response to research at the University and the town it is situated within. Russell is practicing artist and has exhibited widely, both individually and as a member of the collective Reactor.