The Coral Beaches Dunvegan

What a day to explore the beautiful Coral Beach, brilliant sunshine, a light wind and not a cloud in the sky.

We met up at Dunvegan carpark where I was introduced to the young people looking forward to a day on the beach and a picnic. Annie, who negotiated the single track roads in our bus with great aplomb while Rosie made generous introductions and a few ground rules!

The unusual makeup of the vegetative coral was explained and I discussed some basic colour theory’s involving warm and cool colours and their roles in a painting. As we walked we looked at the heathers and the bright yellows of the wildflowers and decided whether they were warm or cool colours.

On high ground above the coral beach, we used our hands to make a frame to look at the sea, seaweed and rocks. These three elements brought the texture in nature into the conversation.

A hunt was organized on the beach for the variety of objects found on the beach, all displayed in a seaweed frame. We included the colour wheel to endorse our conversations.

I suggested they could try using lolly sticks (back at home) to press paint into paper to create varying surfaces which could represent the rocks and to a lesser degree the seaweed and finally a very smooth surface for the sea.

A great day!

Tha Seo Math Dhuibh – Good for you

A partnership project with Aros Centre, Portree