The Amar Loop Struan

At a little over a mile in length and entirely on road metal the Amar loop walk is not physically challenging. But there is plenty in the vicinity to stimulate interest and the imagination.

A small group, many of whom were associated with the Dunvegan Walking Group, undertook the walk.

With frequent stops to discuss place-names…

…aspects of the area’s past, the functioning of the yair or cairidh in Loch Beag (which the high tide had concealed) and to consult a local tradition bearer who happened to be sorting sheep on the route.

The outing took about one and three-quarter hours to complete. A gently easy pace ideal for those that need to be kind to themselves… very interesting, friendly and enjoyable exercise for a pleasant October morning.

Tha Seo Math Dhuibh – Good for you

A partnership project with Aros Centre, Portree