Loch Bay, Waternish

My second walk with this delightful group of walkers.

The previous topic was ‘ Take a closer look ‘ where we looked through an oval mount at the landscape and the ground beneath us. As a follow up I thought to discuss the very essence of the artists’ approach and development of a painting.

From emotion, inspiration, design, and colour through to the application.

I also brought in to the conversation the use of words in poetry that can conjure up such an understanding of color.

For a poet to describe colours I used this example as written by Amy Simmons

Incoming Gale Here she comes Taste the metal in a bruised sky, her sudden change of mind, As the last light shrinks into greedy brine.
— Amy Simmons

The words bruise, metal, give an immediate sense of the colours.

While light, greedy and brine add vividly to the imagination of the reader supported by my chosen image.

The image is one of five paintings in our recently completed film

The Journey A Scottish tale of poetry in five landscapes.

Tha Seo Math Dhuibh – Good for you

A partnership project with Aros Centre, Portree