Films Screening and Q&A

15 September 2017, 15:00

Free to attend

Eglantine, 2016 (70 mins)

We are thrilled to be presenting this beautiful meditative and enchanting account of a young girl’s real and fantastical adventure in a remote forest one evening. Supported in part by ATLAS Arts the film is a debut feature from Glasgow-based artist-filmmaker Margaret Salmon.

Through the film and nature study, we follow a girl and her encounters in the woods over one night, having lost her way from her family campsite. The film is realised with an intuitive, improvised approach to performance, camera and sound. Shot on 35mm in various locations around Scotland, including the Isle of Skye, this film draws inspiration from a range of cinematic movements as well as wildlife documentaries to produce a lyrical and sensual portrait of a child’s eye perspective on the natural world.

Oyster, 2014 (14 mins)

A short minimalist documentary/​cinematic poem showcasing the native oyster and various aspects of its life, history, and consumption. Shot underwater in its natural habitat, then detailing the process of harvesting in the waters off the Kent coast, Oyster looks to celebrate British aquatic life, as well as the unique history and commercial legacy of the native oyster.

Artist Biography:

Margaret Salmon was born in 1975 in Suffurn, New York, and now lives and works in Glasgow and New York. She creates filmic portraits that weave together poetry and ethnography. Focusing on individuals in their everyday habitats, her films capture the minutiae of daily life and infuse them with gentle grandeur, touching upon universal human themes. Adapting techniques drawn from various cinematic movements, such as Cinema Vérité, the European Avant Garde and Italian Neo-Realism, Salmon’s orchestrations of sound and image introduce a formal lyricism into the tradition of realist film.

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This screening is suitable for children.

This film screening is part of the associated Public Programme of CLIMAVORE: On Tidal Zones by Cooking Sections, the new ATLAS Arts commissioned project that looks at forms of eating that address environmental regeneration by promoting ingredients that proactively respond to the new ecological challenges of Scottish waters.