On Tidal Zones Residency: Role of Creativity with Jessica Giannotti, Renuka Ramanujam, Dr Leslie Mabon

19 August 2021, 19:00  — 21:00

Free to attend

From Our Plastic Oceans” project, ongoing collaboration between Crùbag and Taynuilt Primary School, 2020

Join us for an evening of presentations with Jessica Giannotti (Founder, Creative Director of Crùbag), Renuka Ramanujam (designer, visual artist and writer), and Dr Leslie Mabon (Lecturer in Environmental Systems, OU).

Following a 15-min presentation from each speaker on their practice, there is a roundtable discussion with all the speakers exploring a few focused questions: How do we experience and understand climate change in temperate coastal communities? What can we do in Oban? What could the creative practitioners’ role be within that?”. There is time for audience to join in the discussion and exchange views.


Jessica Giannotti is a marine scientist and fashion entrepreneur. Founder and Director of Crùbag. Crùbag is a Scotland-based design studio and materials innovation lab focused on the ocean, sustainability and science. Crùbag’s colourful textiles and sustainable fashion accessories merge marine science and art to celebrate the unseen beauty of our planet, promote marine science education and the sustainable use of the ocean. www​.crubag​.co​.uk

Renuka Ramanujam is a textile and material designer, visual artist and writer. Trained in print specialism, her wide range of interests span through sculpture, material science and anthropology. Renuka enjoys taking a cross-disciplinary approach to her work, in order to create a holistic framework to merge aesthetic, narrative and process. Renuka is a collaborator at Crùbag. www​.studiomudra​.co​.uk

Dr Leslie Mabon is an environmental social scientist studying how society understands and responds to change on the coast. Especially interested in resilient cities and communities in the coastal zone, governance of new and complex risks, and in inter- and transdisciplinary working. Leslie is Lecturer in Environmental Systems in the School of Engineering and Innovation at the Open University. www​.open​.ac​.uk/​p​e​o​p​l​e​/​l​m​32658

How to attend

If you would like to attend, please email Naoko (info@wagonart.org) in advance stating how many people will join, along with your contact details.


Check the weather forecast and bring your own water bottle, sun cream, hat etc if necessary.

We are planning to brew some tea on site so you are welcome to bring your own mug cup.

As the event is held on the rocky area by the shore, outdoor/waterproof clothing with an extra layer of clothing would be sensible.

Bring your own face mask.

Bring a cushion or portable seat, if you like.

The session will be recorded and photographed for research and sharing purposes (there is of course a choice not to be in them!)

Children and pets are the responsibility of the accompanying parent or guardian.

Please note that there is no public toilet nearby.