CLIMAVORE On Tidal Zones Residency

On the Oban Bay intertidal zone Friday 28 May 2021, 10:41 between the high and low tides

Throughout 2021, ATLAS and CLIMAVORE are collaboratively launching a new On Tidal Zones Residency working with curator Naoko Mabon

Through a period of practice-led research in their own locale to reflect on histories, mythologies and changing relationships towards the coast and waters of the Gàidhealtachd Naoko says, as part of this new residency launched by Skye-based ATLAS Arts and CLIMAVORE, I, Oban-based curator, will explore following questions through a practice-led action research in my locale in summer 2021.

How can we collaboratively activate the intertidal zones as a forum for critically thinking about and taking actions towards the climate crisis?”

How can we approach, understand and share the complex ecology, stories, heritage and challenges around the intertidal zones in an inclusive way?”

The research involves regular engagement with intertidal zones in different scales and levels: daily personal interactions; occasional open sessions with guests where anyone can join; and a sharing to wider communities on Skye coinciding with CLIMAVORE’s Oyster Table birthday party 8 – 10 October 2021.

Hopefully, in the end, a group of interest will be loosely formed which leads and generates long-term collaborations and grassroots actions towards climate emergency. If you are interested in the group, please visit Facebook page Activating Oban Intertidal Zones”

See you on intertidal zones!

Chì mi air na raointean eadar-thràghaidh sibh!

Events relating to residency

On Tidal Zones Open Session #001 with Dr Hannah Grist

Held at Dunbeg shore by SAMS, Oban on 24th July, 10.30am.

“What are intertidal zones?” “What kind of species are living there?” “What is the impact of climate change on those particular areas and its ecology?”...

This field session with Dr Hannah Grist, a Marine Ecologist at SAMS (Scottish Association for Marine Science), offers an introductory learning opportunity about the intertidal zones. Open to anyone who is interested.

On Tidal Zones Open Session #002 with Jessica Giannotti, Renuka Ramanujam and Dr Leslie Mabon

Held at the rocky shore area on Corran Esplanade, Oban on 19th August, 7pm.

Presentations and a roundtable with Jessica Giannotti (Founder and Creative Director of Crùbag), Renuka Ramanujam (textile and material designer, visual artist and writer), and Dr Leslie Mabon (Lecturer in Environmental Systems, Open University), asking: “How do we experience and understand climate change in temperate coastal communities? What could the creative practitioners' role be within that?”

You can find more information here.

On Tidal Zones Open Session #003: Breakfast on shore to celebrate Lorn Tweed Intertidal Cushions

Held at Dunollie Shore, Oban on 19th Sep, 10.30am.

A breakfast on shore to celebrate the completion of Lorn Tweed Intertidal Cushions developed with 5 local sewing volunteers: Maggie Anderson; Alison Armstrong; Elyse Hamilton; Jacqueline Harrison; and Eleanor Wilson. With Mania Pietrzak’s madeleines from CLIMAVORE recipe book and locally roasted Hinba coffee.

“The Lorn Tweed” is a locally developed tweed in 2019-2020 by Dunollie Museum, Castle and Grounds (Dunollie Preservation Trust). Taking an inspiration from the colours of the Firth of Lorn and the iconic Brooch of Lorn from the Dunollie Collection, this tweed was made through a collaborative effort between the Dunollie team, locally-based artist Jennifer Shaw and weaver Marilyn Drummond, as part of a wider textiles/fashion festival called Fasanta.

On Tidal Zones Open Session #004: Oban Gaelic Choir Mini Outdoor Concert

Held at George Street Square by Oban, on 30th September, 7pm.

Join us for a mini outdoor concert by Oban Gaelic Choir. Under the conductorship of Sìleas Sinclair, a locally-based multi instrumentalist, composer and arranger, Oban Gaelic Choir will perform a selection of songs of tales relating to the local area’s long relationship with the sea and coastal landscape.

The concert is held on the square of George Street looking towards Oban Bay. This is not exactly an “on tidal zone” location today, but it was historically - in prehistoric times, the shoreline of Oban Bay was much further inland, possibly around Tweedale Street. This cultural occasion will therefore invite the people of Oban to think about where we are actually living today, and how this place has been shaped since prehistoric times, while enjoying the views of our local water and related Gaelic-language songs.

On Tidal Zones Open Session #005: Residency Sharing at Òb nan Ròn with Angus Murray and Caroline Ross

Held at Òb nan Ròn, Staffin, on 8th October, 2pm.

As part of Naoko Mabon's ongoing CLIMAVORE: On Tidal Zones artist residency, she is joined by Angus Murray and Caroline Ross for an exploration of this tidal area in Staffin, as well as the promise of some homemade Dulse soup.

You can find more information here.