The Journey

An image of several hands attempting to create a large cat’s cradle – photo credit Isabel McLeish

Saturday, 28th August

Skye Bridge Studios

At Skye Bridge Studios in Kyle, Emmie assembled a programme of four UK-based artist moving images: Cal Mac Preserving Fruit’ (2020), Susan Schuppli Can the Sun Lie?’ (2014), Alberta Whittle, from the forest to the concrete (to the forest)’ (2019), Charlotte Prodger, BRIDGIT’, (2016). Each of these explored themes of community, the land, mental health and healing, and how this connects to art, climate and social justice.

Cat’s Cradle

The group’s attempts at a cat’s cradle from a higher vantage point

After a well-deserved lunch at the Plock, Isabel facilitated a group exercise in making a giant cat’s cradle, in response to Donna Haraway’s Storytelling for Earthly Survival viewed in a previous session, with each person acting as a digit (or finger) when creating the string figure. This acted as a playful exercise in team-building and communication.

Several hands attempting to create a cat’s cradle – photo credit Isabel McLeish

Saturday, 29th August

Reflective session

On the following day, the group met at the Lump in Portree. With good weather, the last session led by Emmie and Ainslie was spent sat outside reflecting on the past 8 months, leading into a publication planning session led by Sebastian ahead of its winter launch. This was followed by lunch at the Oyster table on Bayfield Shore.

The group having bento boxes for lunch at the Oyster table.