The School of Plural Futures at Talisker Bay 2021

Saturday, May 8th

Wild Work with Ruth Little

A table with a projector and laptop in the foreground of Broadford Community Hall. Emmie is wearing a denim jacket, and is sitting on the right, with her back to us looking at a large screen. On the screen is a Zoom call with Ruth Little, and a slideshow of images. Photography by Matthew Arthur Williams 2021.
A Zoom call with Ruth Little in Broadford Hall. Photography by Matthew Arthur Williams 2021.

Dialling in from Australia, the school was joined by Ruth Little in the morning. Ruth talked about her work as a writer, dramaturg and thinker in relation to making work in collaboration with living systems, as well as speaking about a project she co-directed called Cape Farewell, where she led expeditions with artists and scientists around the Scottish Highlands and Islands and the Arctic.

Ailish writing in a notebook during Ruth’s talks. Photography by Matthew Arthur Williams 2021.

Iomairt an Eilein

Iomairt an Eilein – campaign poster urging people to sign the open letter.

In the afternoon school collaborator Ailish presented her work as part of Iomairt an Eilein – A’ toirt togail do ghuthan òga an Eilein Sgitheanaich.

Amplifying the voices of young people in the Skye community and the challenges they face with the ongoing housing crisis. This was followed by a discussion and mapping session.

The Under Current

A still from the film The Undercurrent by Rory Pilgrim. Six people, wearing summer clothes, are standing in front of a wooden house. It is night and there is a warm sun-like glow from the left side. Some of the group are looking towards the light, while two of the group look directly at the camera.
The Undercurrent, Rory Pilgrim 2020.

We finished the day with a film screening of The Undercurrent by Rory Pilgrim.
Filmed in Boise, Idaho in the USA, the film was made with 10 Youth Climate Activists from Boise and small towns from the surrounding area who responded to an online open call. While the climate crisis appears to be the most important theme, the activists explore how climate change interconnects with other aspects of their lives including family, difficulties with religion, friendship, fighting for gender equality and the essential need of a home. Exploring further questions of home, security, shelter, communication and nature, members from the local homeless community from Boise reflect on their experiences.

Sunday, May 9th

Cheryl and the school visit North Talisker community hydro. Photography Matthew Arthur Williams 2021.

We visited the North Talisker hill, led by Cheryl McIntyre, Clerk and Secretary of North Talisker.

Cheryl shared different aspects of the common grazing including eagle shepherding, falaisg (burning heather) and how the community hydro scheme operates.

Water pouring over the top of the community hydro scheme. Cherly's green welly boots are in the image as she stands on the concrete edge holding a small broom. Image by Matthew Arthur Williams 2021.
Cheryl stands next to the hydro with a broom. Photography – Matthew Arthur Williams 2021