Dig Where You Stand

The School of Plural Futures with Iain Mackinnon in the shadow of Beinn na Caillich – image credit Jordan Young 2021

Saturday, 7th August

Mono-printing workshop

The group absorbed with the mono-printing process, at Dunvegan Community Hall – image credit Jordan Young 2021

Emmie began the day at Dunvegan Community hall with a mono-printing workshop. The group quickly took to etching and impressing their own mono-prints inspired by a collection of photographs, images and pictures calling back to previous parts of the program, coming full circle.

An example of the mono-prints made by the group – image credit Jordan Young 2021

From Inside, Talbot Rice

An image of Sara Oussaiden’s work From Inside’ – image credit Jordan Young 2021

Artist Sara Oussaiden (and member of the SoPF) kindly shared her project From Inside’, an eclectic collection of artwork, crafting, photography and zines rooted in raising awareness of mental health.

There was also discussion around a curatorial opportunity with Talbot Rice, as the group discussed what an archive was, is and should be, deliberating on submission representative of themselves and Skye

Sunday, 8th August

In conversation with Iain Mackinnon

An image of Iain Mackinnon with a slide from his presentation partly superimposed – image credit Jordan Young 2021

Agroecologist Dr. Iain MacKinnon, based in Sleat, joined us on Sunday as he delivered a talk and invited comment at Talla Bhreacais. Iain spoke of local issues regarding land use, indigenous knowledge, framing the history of colonialism and defining imperialism in relation to its geographical context.

The group during a field visit to one of several An Sithean’, sometimes known as a fairy hill – image credit Jordan Young 2021

This was followed by a site visit just outside Broadford, to An Sithean near Beinn na Caillich, where Iain continued to discuss his personal history with the Isle, the heritage of a place and how this is embedded within communities.