An image of four artist performers outside Elgol Hall, photo credit Jordan Young

OVER /​AT is a trans music-making world, woken by composer Rufus Isabel Elliot. The project launched at the Glad Café in the distant land of March 2020, with four pieces by trans and non-binary musicians from as many countries. OVER /​AT in 2021 is focusing on the voice – how we speak, sing, hum, shout, and howl, and released a new E.P named FOLKS’ SONGS in March 2021.

Trans voices are affected by perceptions of gendered presentations, vocal therapy, hormone therapy, as well as by the question of who gets to tell our stories, and for whom. The voice is an explicitly trans issue, and we aim to make work by/​with/​for trans, non-binary, and other gender minority folks, bypassing the tropes of the cisgender media.

A/​am/​ams will also be released as an album on 9th November, with new artwork by Jamie Crewe. The piece will be released digitally and on cassette by Glasgow-based label, GLARC.

OVER /​AT and A/​am/​ams have been supported by numerous organisations including PRS Foundation, Creative Scotland, Arts Council England, Magnetic North, Sound and Music, and Supersonic Festival. The 2021 OVER /​AT season has been developed as part of Sound and Music’s Composer-Curator project, which is funded by Arts Council England and PRSF. OVER /​AT is funded by Creative Scotland. ATLAS Arts have acted as a partner organisation in developing the context of A/​am/​ams in Skye, and in workshops and performances in Elgol. A/​am/​ams was initially developed with support from Magnetic North during the 2020 Lockdown.

See https://​www​.ambf​.co​.uk/​o​v​er-at (opens in a new tab) and over​-at​.bandcamp​.com (opens in a new tab) to find out more about OVER /​AT.