Your Neighbours Are Your Network

9 Gearran 2021, 13:00

Gaada means Gaps or Holes in Shetland Dialect and is also an artist-lead organisation based in Burra, Shetland. The organisations revolves around its visual art workshop which supports disabled and non-disabled artists through regular workshops, publishing projects, peer groups, annual bursaries, and wider creative opportunities. Gaada also develops ambitious community collaborations through its annual visual art programme. The current programme Weemin’s Wark is a collaboration between Gaada, Glasgow Women’s Library and Up Helly Aa for Aa – a local equalities group who are fighting for an end to gender discrimination in Shetland’s Largest Fire Festival.

Gaada co-founders Amy Gear and Daniel Clark will join us to discuss the community of artists who are gathering around the organisation and how together, a diverse group of artists are helping to nourish Shetland’s creative landscape.

This talk is part of ATLAS’ new lunchtime series of talks which brings together a range of artists and speakers reflecting on the history, heritage and reality of life in the Highlands and Islands. These informal get-togethers are open to anyone – sit back and listen or get involved as we talk more about artist practice on Skye and the complexity and brilliance of rural life.

If we can make it easier for you to attend this event or help with access please get in touch with in advance of the talk.