Torrin Beach and Music Making

Armed with plastic bags and rubber gloves we headed onto the beach on one of those glorious days we have had this summer accompanied by Annie Davidson the Youth Development Worker.

Hector organised us: we had 3 hours…1 hour for collecting rubbish and sorting out what would be useful and could possibly be used to create sound after our picnic lunch and some fooling around…followed by music making.

There was some interesting rubbish but most of it is pretty depressing. We wondered how long it would take to clear the beach entirely? A lot of the rubbish was fairly small and embedded in the sand.

There was an attempt at some vague measuring and maths but we soon gave that up. Before and after!

Some of the other stuff we found…

Below evidence of international travellers…Russian fishermen we guessed?

But best of all…a Mermaids Purse! Could it have contained the eggs of a basking shark: after all we could see Soay in the distance!

Over lunch we talked about all these things…

…and then examined what appeared to be the less interesting pieces of rubbish!

looks like a petrol can …no its a gong, with leather gong ringer.

There was some scepticism… but Hector started a rhythm, got the four of us keeping time, conducted and directed and then recorded each of us individually on his phone…