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Sam’s Smoked Mackerel and Seaweed Pâté- CLIMAVORE Recipe Book

“The thing I enjoyed most while working with CLIMAVORE was the class visits we got from people all across the island that use local produce in a sustainable way. These visits really opened my eyes as to how much more we could be getting from where we live.”- Sam, CLIMAVORE Apprentice 2020.

Our CLIMAVORE Apprenticeship programme continues in Summer 2020 with adaptations in response to Covid-19. Meeting every week over video chat to discuss sustainable aquaculture, CLIMAVORE ingredients, foraging and test recipes, the apprenticeships continue as a paid opportunity for young people and a series of 1-to-1 sessions.

Using learning from previous workshops in Portree High School’s Hospitality and Practical Cookery course and their own local knowledge, the apprentices have been developing recipes to be published in a new CLIMAVORE Recipe Book this Summer.

Sam has been working with head chef Elanor from Taigh Ailean Hotel to develop his CLIMAVORE recipe, using locally foraged seaweed.

Sams CLIMAVORE Recipe- Mackerel and Seaweed Pate, served on oatcakes.


•400g of smoked mackerel 

•200g of clotted cream

•100g of fresh sea lettuce or guttweed. Gutweed is a seaweed that is found on all UK shores and on most beach types like rock pools, sand and shells . This seaweed is bright green and made up of lots of thin strands so very easy to find.


•First make sure all freshly picked seaweeds are soaked and washed thoroughly in cold water. 

• Secondly peel skin/scales of the smoked mackerel and debone if not done so already.

• Put all the ingredients into a food processor and mix until smooth. Using a spatula, remove from the flood processor and decant into a ramekin or small bowl- keep in the fridge until ready to serve.

• Enjoy spread on a lovely homemade slice of bread or oat cakes.