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The Last Soup Kitchen | Introduction to Spoon Carving with Martin Campbell

Birds eye view of a wooden bench outside with bits of wood and tools for making wooden spoons

14 July 2018

10.30am - 4.00pm

The Admiral's House, Lower Ollach, Braes, IV51 9LJ

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Martin Campbell is returning to Skye in July to complete his residency at The Admiral’s House. As part of this will be running a practical spoon carving workshop where participants are guided through the process of carving a functional spoon from locally sourced Scottish hardwoods.

Campbell has devised this workshop to be the final in his Lost Soup Kitchen project, which is centred on the idea that practical community activities are not only the foundation of sustainability but collective responsibility, care and appreciation of your own and other’s value. The workshops aim to facilitate practical and meaningful situations where people of all ages and backgrounds can come together, make objects and share food.

All tools and materials will be provided with guidance and supervision, hints and tips on their use. The aim of the workshop is to build confidence using traditional skills that can be taken forward safely and competently and to develop the notion of making as a way to understand and re-shape the world around you.

Lunch will be served mid-way through the day and participants are encouraged to participate in the preparation of this.

The event is free but numbers are restricted so booking is essential. All ages and abilities welcome!