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CÒIG SGIATHAN | FIVE WINGS // With Rody Gorman – Rubha nam Bràithrean | Brothers Point

Climbing the cliffs before decent to the shore


Thursday 21 September – Cùl nan Cnoc to Rubha nam Bràithrean with the Staffin Community Trust



Looking back to Cul nac Cnoc with the Trotternish ridge behind

Rosie Somerville, Atlas Arts and Angus Murray, Ecomuseum Programme Manager at Staffin Community Trust and other participants shared valuable local knowledge at the start of the walk to set the scene before heading down through the old village and crofts to the shore.

Walkers were encouraged to write down their observations in notebooks, with particular emphasis on minimalist forms, that of haiku especially. Rody read poems of his own relating to Trotternish, places in Skye generally, sound, memory and history in Gaelic and English.

Participants were encouraged to read what they had written and the collected writings are given below.

This coffin like rock inspired the first of the poems

The last resting place of a shore-based giant, in a coffin-shaped rock, alone in the rising tide.

Simon Clayton

 Rody Gorman reads one of his poems about Trotternish

na sheasamh air eìginn

o chionn linn crochaidh nan con,

taigh Ruairidh Dhòmhnaill a’ Chùirn


air feadh an àite mun fhaoilinn

fo thaigh Dhòmhnaill Ruairidh a’ Chùirn,

samh den fheamainn


ri taobh a’ chuain

fo thaigh Ruairidh Dhòmhnaill a’ Chùirn,

caoraich ag ionaltradh mun fheamainn


air a’ Chuan Sgìth gu h-obann,


a’ togail ceann ‘s leumadairean


caoraich mu na feannagan-taomaidh

bho Chreag an Fhèilidh

gu Rubha nam Bràithrean sa chamhanaich


gun charachadh,

an Cuan Sgìth,

caoraich, crodh, sgairbh

Rody Gorman


Deirdre reads her poems

The Neuk of Applecross: a view from Rubha nam Brathairean

Sorely missed Maclean

Dark sobs still skulk your sound’s depths

Sour marine’s peace core

Deirdre Robertson

ruined croft house with a reminder of who had lived there

Reimagination’s Ruin

Stones shifting smokes green

Past possibilities present

Lies in the landscape

Deirdre Robertson

Sheep and tangle on the shore

from jagged skyline

matchstick fence posts march

singing water, clacking stone

tangled sheep

Rosie Somerville

 perfect day for a walk

Perfect walking day

Punctuating Autumn wings

Sea stone crystal day

 Jryna Batters

the cliffs ahead are very dangerous


Tha Seo Math Dhuibh – Good for you

A  partnership project with Aros Centre, Portree


Published on 10 December 2017