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Nick Hand talk at Bike Fest

Photo of artist Nick Hand next to to tent

23 August 2013

Skye Bike Festival, Isle of Skye

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In collaboration with Skye Bike Fest, Nick Hand, a Bristolian graphic designer and photographer will discuss his cycle around the coast of the British Isles in search of the artisans and characters who live and work on the coastline. Nick made over 100 little photofilms on the journey, editing and uploading them as he went. In an age of speed, there is a good relationship between a slow journey on a bicycle and the patient skilled ways of craftsmen and women. Nick’s talk will explore the inspiration to be found in Britain’s art and craft makers.

Nick has spent the past four years making photofilms of craftspeople mostly in the UK, but also in America and Italy. His book ‘Conversations on the Coast‘ records his journey around the coast of Britain and Ireland. Nick is also producing a similar book about a journey along the Hudson Valley in New York and the makers that he met along the way. He is currently helping set up a letterpress printing co-operative in Bristol, helping preserve type, presses and printing skills.