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Neo Neo Associates

Image from NEO NEO // Extreme Past

For NEO NEO // Extreme Past, ATLAS was delighted to be able to offer a mentoring opportunity for recent graduates and final year students from Scottish art schools. The Neo Neo Associates were given the opportunity to work closely with the curators to develop a public event in response to the artists’ work as well as mediate and care for the exhibition.

The Neo Neo Associates were Emma Finn, Kieran Milne and Emily Rueggeberg.

In response to the brief, to devise a public closing event for the exhibition, the Neo Neo Associates devised Salted Findings. Comprising a programme of afternoon occurrences, including The Midden at the Modern – an invitation to picnic and collectively create a nouveau midden, a temporary sculpture of waste; a talk and demonstration by Fiona Morris, a local forager and medical herbalist who discussed a series of common but long forgotten botanicals found in urban spaces; Salted Remains, an artist video screening event which brought together the work of recent graduates Christopher MacInness, Clara Hastrop, Geri Smell and Aideen Doran in a new context.

As part of the closing event, the associates also produced a free take away riso-printed publication for visitors. A digital copy is available below.

Image credit: Kieran Milne, 2016.

Published on 22 September 2016